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  1. Can you describe yourself?

My name is Ramil, I am 25 years old. I am from Kokshetau. I am a student of Ukhta State Technical University. My height is 176 centimeters, my hair is brown. I like to play musical instruments. I can play piano. I love singing. I go swimming twice a week. I speak Russian,the Kazakh language English languages. Sometimes I go to the ice rink. I like to watch movies, play computer games and surf the internet. I am sociable and friendly, but I’m a bid lazy.

2. Can you describe a person you know?

My friend’s name is German. He is 19 years old. I know him from childhood. Now he studies at USTU. We play together at our band. He plays guitar, drums. He is good at singing. Also he likes to ride on bikes. Now we studies at different groups, but in our first year at university we studied together. He is often travels. He was at England, USA, Bahamas and others places around the world. He's a good man, I like to chat with him on various topics.

3. Can you describe your family or family you know well?

My family is not very big. My family consists of me, my sister and my mother and stepfather. My mom recently married. My sister is 28 years old. Now she lives in Nizhniy-Novgorod with her husband and her daughter. Her daughter name is Iraida. It is very unusual name. We don’t see each other often, because we live very far apart. I have grandmother and grandfather, they live in Vuktyl. I help them, because they are old. And they are happy, when I visit them.

4. Can you describe a famous family?

I tell you about Clintons family. William Clinton was the 42nd president of the USA. He was born in 1946. He is well-known as a skilled musician, he plays saxophone. He studied at Oxford University, Yale law school. In Yale law school he met Hilary Rodham and they began dating. After graduating he returned in Arkansas and became a law professor in the University of Arkansas, and he was elected Governor of Arkansas in 1978. Hilary Rodham was born in Chicago, studied at Wellesley College and Yale law school. She was a leading candidate for the Democratic president nomination in 2008. Clintons married in 1975 and they have only one child – Chelsea. She is a special correspondent for NBC News.

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