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Speak on Mordvin wedding ceremonies

Part 1. Matchmaking.

The groom's parents transferred matchmakers into the bride's house. Matchmakers put on mittens. If parents of the bride agree, they shake hands with matchmakers and make arrangement about the wedding day.

Part 2. Preparations.

The bride and one of bridesmaid put on the same dresses or skirts and went to call relatives on porridge. Invited brought porridge in the bowls, and the close relatives brought a kurnik (the round decorated pie with a stuffing).

Bridesmaid took a needle case and a shirt, and went to the groom'sgouse where they are banqueting by all relatives.

Part 3. In the wedding day.

Relatives of the groom carry an empty box to the bride where she fill it by dowry. Groom with all relatives go to the bride. Kudava (main matchmaker) carry the decorated with flowers kurnik. The bride gives to Kudava a beautiful towel. After all of this procedures newlyweds take away in Tarkakray (a matrimonial bed) located usually at neighbors.

After this, groom and bride are becoming husband and wife.


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