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I consider food engineering as a career because great attention is paid to Food Industry in Belarus today. I am a second year student of the chemical-technological faculty. My future specialty is technology of milk processing. Historically, the milking and the processing took place close together on a dairy farm. Now milk for sale is clarified and processed at milk processing plants. Milk is usually pasteurized, then cooled and packaged. It may also be condensed or evaporated , dried, powdered, or separated into skim milk and cream. The cream is processed to produce various consumer products, depending on its thickness, its suitability for culinary uses. Butter is made from cream. This is done by churning the cream until the fat globules coagulate and from a monolithic mass. These butter mass is washed and, sometimes, salted to improve keeping qualities. Ice-cream is the frozen product made by agitation of many ingredients. Cheese is another product from the whole partly skimmed or skimmed milk of cows and other animals. Curd obtained from milk can be compressed , processed and stored to from cheese. Yogurt making is a process similar to cheese manufacture, only the process is arrested before the curd be comes very hard. Many fermented or cultured products are produced from milk. These fermentations require the use of bacteria]a that ferment lactose or sugar.


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