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Nature Protection

Since ancient times Nature has served Man. With the development of civilization man’s interference in Nature began to increase.

Large cities with thousands of industrial enterprises pollute the atmosphere with dust and harmful substances. About a half of the water resources are polluted with industrial and communal wastes. The disappearance of vast forests upsets the oxygen balance. As a result some rare species  of  animals, birds, fish and plants disappear forever.

Thermal power plants are also a source of pollution. As a result of Chernobyl disaster significant areas of Belarus were contaminated with radioactive substances.

Acid rains , greenhouse effect, ozone holes, harmful by-products, the loss of a healthy biological habitant is the result of man’s coreless interaction with nature. Nature protection should be our universal concern.

To preserve the Earth it is necessary to use purification equipment, look for waste less technologies, lean to use natural sources of energy, use new recycling technologies.

We should save the Earth – our common home – for the sake of future generations.    

13.01.2015; 21:47
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