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The Republic of  Belarus is a country I live in. It is situated in the centre of Eastern Europe. It borders on Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Latvia and Lithuania. The territory of the country amounts to 207000 square kilometers.

The country’s population is about 10 million. Belarusian’s constitute its largest part (82%). Most Belarusian’s inhabitants live in towns, the largest of which are Minsk, Grodno, Gomel, Mogilev, Brest and Vitebsk.

Belarus lacks major deposits of industrial row materials. It was, however, huge deposits of peat.

The climate or the republic is moderately continental. One third of the territory is covered with forests. They are a national wealth of Belarus. Belarus has more that 20 thousand rivers, 10 thousand lakes.

Belarus suffered greatly from World War 2. It lost more than half of its national wealth. More then 2.2 million people were killed, 380 thousand were forced to work in Germany. Despite all this, our republic has restored its cities and towns, rebuild its economy.

Tractors and lorries, motor-cycles and bicycles, refrigerators and watches, radio and TV sets, mineral fertilizers and synthetic fiber are produced here.

Agriculture specializes in milk and meet production. The main crops cultivated here are potatoes, grain, flax and vegetable.

Belarus is a republic with will-developed science and culture. There is Academy of Science in Minsk, 37 state and a number of commercial establishments of higher learning, about 400 professional school and colleges. Belarusian actors and composers, ballet dancers and opera singers are known all over the world.

At present the republic of Belarus is sovereign independent state with its own government, constitution, state emblem, flag and anthem.


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