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is the repetition of identical or similar terminal sound combination of words. Rhyming words are generally placed at a regular distance from each other.

2 main functions

1/ it occurred the sound

2/ it is the source of esthetic pleasure

Types of rhyme:

  1. male(masculine, single, monosyllabic). Ending with the stressed syllable (hill-will, plate-wait)

  2. female(femining, double) two-syl., last is stressed (duty-beauty)

  3. triple, stressed syl. Is followed by 2 unstressed(victorous- glorious)

  4. Eye Rhymes, have identical or similar spelling of the endings, but pronounced differently (rove- love,have-grave)

  5. inner(internal) daughter-water

  6. blank verse-rhymless verse( sonnets by Shakespeare

Stanza- a verse segment composed of a number of lines having a definite measure and rhyming system, which is repeated throughout the poem.

Types of rhyme- patterns of stanza

  1. couplet 2 соседние строчки- Tiger W. Blake

  2. triple/triplet(3 lines)

  3. alternative(cross) line-abab

  4. ring/framing – abda-опоясывающая

  5. middle/internal-inner line

  6. true/exact-точная

  7. near/imperfect-alliter, consonance, assonance- неточная

  8. nursery- just repetition, for children

  9. blank verses or free verse

  10. spencerian stanza aba bbc bce

  11. ottava- rima(8) ab ab ab cc

  12. sonnet 14 lines abba abba cdc ded

  13. limericks(5 lines) aa bba

  14. ballad

  15. heroic couplet


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