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- alteration of stressed and unstressed syllables, flow of speech.

Meter- any form of periodicity in verse, it’s kind determinated by the character and the number of syllables which it consists of.

Two types of meter


Iambus: one unaccented followed by an accented syllable (away, forget, mistake)
Trochee: an accented followed by an unaccented syllable (only, duty, beauty)
2) trisyllabic

Anapest: two unaccented syllables then an accented syllable (intervene, disagree, understand)
Dactyl: an accented syllable then two unaccented syllables (happily, mystery)

Amphibrach- (beginning, umbrella)-between two unaccented

Metrical violations:

  • Spondee: Two successive syllables with strong stresses: “stop, thief”

  • Pyrrhic: Two successive syllables with light stresses: “up to”

Metrical characteristics depends on the number of feet.According the number of feet:

  • Monometer: One foot

  • Dimeter: Two feet

  • Trimeter: Three feet

  • Tetrameter: Four feet

  • Pentameter: Five feet

  • Hexameter: Six feet

  • Heptameter: Seven feet

  • Octameter: Eight feet



Accented verse(акцентная строка)

Type of verse in which only the number of stresses in a line is taking into account. A.V. is only tonic.( Work!Work!Work!)


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