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1 Lexicology as a branch of Linguistics. The word as the basic unit of the language.
2 The theoretical and practical value of Lexicology. The connection of Lexicology with other branches of Linguistic Studies.
3 The etymological background of the English vocabulary.
4 Native words in English.
5 Borrowings in the English vocabulary: main groups of loan words in English.
6 Morphemes. Types of morphemes in English.
7 The morphological analysis. The main structural types of English words.
8 Word-building in English.
9 Affixation. Classification of affixes.
10 Conversion.
11 Composition (compounding).
12 Shortening in English: clipping and abbreviation.
13 Minor means of word-building in English: back formation, blending, reduplication, sound imitation, sound interchange, shift of stress.
14 Semasiology. The main approaches to the study of word meaning.
15 Types of word meaning: grammatical, lexical, lexico-grammatieal. The main components of lexical meaning.
16 Polysemy in English and its causes. The semantic structure of a polysemantic word.
17 The main semantic processes of the development and change of meaning:
18 specialization, or narrowing of meaning,
19 generalization, or widening of meaning,
20 elevation, or amelioration of meaning, degradation, or degeneration of meaning,
21 metaphoric and metonymic transfers.
22 Definition of homonyms. Causes of homonymy and sources of homonyms in English.
23 Classification of homonyms.
24 The problem of homonymy and polysemy in English.
25 Synonyms in English: a Synonyms and synonymic sets, functions of synonyms in speech, b Types of synonyms, с Euphemisms.
26 Antonyms, the definition and classification.
27 Hyponyms in English.
28 Syntagmatic relations of words. The importance of syntagmatic analysis.
29 Lexical and grammatical valency and collocability.
30 Types of word-groups.
31 Phraseology as a branch of Linguistics. Different approaches to Phraseology.
32 Set expressions and free (variable) word combinations.
33 Similarity and difference between a set-expression and the word. Various ways of classifying set expressions in English.
34 Neutral words. Standard English Vocabulary.
35 Functional styles.
36 The informal versus formal vocabulary in English.
37 Colloquial words in English.
38 Standard English, local dialects, language variants.
39 Peculiarities of American English.
40 Lexicography.
41 Types of dictionaries.
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